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I help women end cravings & lose weight by rebalancing their metabolic hormones...

...without giving up chocolate.

Real-life approved 3 pillar system.

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Natalie McCrae

Lose weight without giving up chocolate

As a certified holistic nutritionist, weight loss expert and creator of The Nourish Method - a 12 week, proven system through which she helps women, like yourself, rebalance their hormones so they can lose those stubborn 20 - 40lbs without starving themselves, giving up chocolate or spending hours at the gym.

Instead, she works with a female specific approach, focusing on the 3 main pillars of successful fat loss, increased energy and a healthy metabolism - so you can actually feel good in your body while on your journey! 

Natalie believes wholeheartedly and has witnessed first hand, that when we look at the root cause of weight gain, we can step away from dated methods like calorie counting, starvation and dreaded hours on the treadmill.

Natalie loves to work with clients from all over the world. She offers sessions in English, German and Spanish which she speaks fluently due to her upbringing in Venezuela, Germany, Canada and extensive amounts of time spent in Austria and Spain. 

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Let's work together to create a customized, step by step approach for your personal journey. 

Schedule a free call with me to see if we're a good fit for each other. 


Schedule a free call with me to see if my 12-week Nourish Method is the right fit for you. 


Sweet Freedom 10-Day Protocol

This protocol will help you overcome sugar cravings and so much more:

  • reduce inflammation (a MUST for successful lose weight)

  • fire up metabolism

  • increase energy




I did the ten day protocol that Natalie offered and it was amazing! Noticed a Huge difference in energy levels/ bloating and also lost 5 pounds in the 3/4 weeks I was following her program. I had been seeing a naturopath for 7 months prior to this and also spoken to a dietician several times and didn’t see any results using their recommendations/meal plans/ supplements . Natalie answered all my questions throughout the program and is so knowledgeable and passionate . Highly recommend her services ! She is wonderful 😀

Katharina V.

Natalie saved my life! I have been dieting since I was 13 years old, loosing weight and then gaining it all back. I was done being a yo-yo. Natalie changed the way I look at nutrition; not as an enemy but as a practice. I lost 60lbs with her program and have kept it off for two years now. I feel more energized and healthy than I ever have.


I have been on diets off and on for years. I had been eating as healthy as I knew how and yet not losing weight. My motivation was lacking too.


I now I have a better knowledge of what my day should look like in regards to eating.  I'm still learning from tracking the foods I eat, but I am beginning to have a change in mindset regarding my daily food intake.

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