I help women step into their power & away from self sabotage

so they can shatter their glass ceilings, achieve their desired goals and shine their light brightly with the world

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Natalie McCrae

Natalie is here to help you shine your light. 

As a well educated, well travelled and multilingual woman, Natalie always found herself hitting glass ceilings throughout her career. 


Despite her drive and commitment to hard work, she always fell short of reaching her goals. In her attempt to shatter her glass ceilings, her work ethic drove her to just work more and more. During this time Natalie was looking for answers everywhere; she took all the courses and hired all the coaches to help her move forward, but results were always short lived.


When doing more only led to disappointments and burnout that had her bed bound for three months, Natalie, a personal development junkie, turned inward to focus more on ‘being’ instead of just ‘doing’.


It is this internal work that has allowed her to begin shining, while being true to herself and support to her body. 


Natalie believes wholeheartedly and has witnessed first hand, that when we truly start to look at ourselves and break our subconscious patterns of thinking and being, a whole new world of endless possibilities is opened up for us.


Natalie loves to work with clients from all over the world. She offers sessions in English, German and Spanish which she speaks fluently due to her upbringing in Venezuela, Germany, Canada and extensive amounts of time spent in Austria and Spain. 

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Are you ready to step into your power and shine your light?
We're often ready for that next step, that next big thing in our life, but we find ourselves stuck and hitting glass ceilings. 

Receive guidance to learn what might be blocking you from reaching your desired goals. 


This is where Natalie's six years of experience as a holistic nutritionist and her current path as an intuitive coach merge to offer you the best of both worlds.



One of the most popular offers.

Get powerful guidance and clarity for up to 5 questions. 


How it works: You send in questions, Natalie will tap into your energy and send you guidance through recorded voice messages which are 15 - 20 minutes long. 



Ariana F.

My session with Natalie was incredibly profound! I went in seeking clarity around a specific area of my business, and then was guided to see that the root was actually lying in another area in which I was playing small. Natalie knew exactly the questions to ask to help me see where I was holding myself back, and she was able to challenge my beliefs in a loving and gentle way. Being a coach myself, I'm very choosy about who I trust to support me. I would have no hesitation about receiving support from Natalie again in the future!

Aspen C.

I expected my time with Natalie to be a nice pleasant experience. While it was that, it was much more than that. I've been suffering from self sabotage for decades that has resulted in a poor performance in school, jobs, relationships, and has brought me much pain in my life. What felt like magic, Natalie was able to pinpoint exactly why I was doing this, something that seemed so simple and yet something I had no idea was the main cause for all of this. Now that I actually know what is causing me to try and throw wrenches in my life, it has already brought much impact in my life. Important relationships I was sabotaging have been strengthened, I feel more confident and calm at work, and my emotions are much easier to manage in a comfortable way that is still productive. I can't wait to see the actual change that will happen after more then just a few days!

Jen S.

Natalie honestly and lovingly guided me to see the truth of my experience and to honour my needs. She was able to help me reset a boundary in a gentle way which has already had a positive result. To spend time with Natalie is like having the support of a dear sister or friend who calls you on the tough stuff and helps you connect to the lovely you inside that we are not always able to bring forth. Her insights are divinely guided and I feel much gratitude for our session.