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What is currently getting in the way of you shining your light? 

Are you ready to shine your light? 

We often find ourselves ready for that next big thing our life, but keep getting stuck

Natalie will gently guide you through the session to bring forward what is being revealed to her. She will also give you practical steps to implement


This is where Natalie's past 6 years of experience as a holistic nutritionist and her current path as an intuitive coach merge to best of both worlds.


In Oprah's wise words: 'Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different.'

What if it's not as easy as letting go of the past and move on?
What if the person or situation that is causing frustration/anger/resentment continues to show up in your life, making it difficult to move on, forgive and forget?

Radical forgiveness is a beautiful practice which gently guides us to examine the situation and start to ask ourselves: 'why is this showing up for me? What can I learn from this situation?'
When we give ourselves permission to start asking these questions, a whole new understanding of the situation arises and it is this shift in perspective that allows us to truly heal and let go.

During these 3 sessions Natalie will gently guide you through various processes which specifically serve to bring forward this shift within you, so you can finally move on, heal and shine bright again.


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