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My Online Services


What is currently getting in the way of you shining your light? 

Are you ready to shine your light? 

We often find ourselves ready for that next big thing our life, but keep getting stuck

Natalie will gently guide you through the session to bring forward what is being revealed to her. She will also give you practical steps to implement


This is where Natalie's past 6 years of experience as a holistic nutritionist and her current path as an intuitive coach merge to best of both worlds.


This is quickly becoming the most popular offer. 

It's simple and powerful.

You send in up to 5 written out questions you'd like clarity or guidance on. Within 7 days, Natalie will tune into your energy and send you any intuitive guidance she channeled through voice recordings.


Questions can include any topic of choice, such as work, health, love, family and even diseased loved ones.

Voice messages tend to be 15 - 20 minutes long and can be revisited


Want to work with Natalie on a consistent weekly or monthly basis?

Package offers are also available, please contact Natalie to inquire about rates.


Not sure if working with me is the right next step for you? 

Let's connect and find out. Schedule your free 15-minute Discovery Call here.

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